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Mission: Provide all kinds of customized solutions in terms of information, business, contact building, marketing and promotion, consulting, services, trade, export, and import by focusing on the particular needs of the individual parties. Bridge language, cultural and regulatory gaps and match demands with offers. Make Thailand and its capital city more easily accessible to the Western world. To learn more about trading business with Thailand in general we suggest consulting the Department of Export Promotion which is part of Thailand's Ministry of Commerce or contact us


Tramaico Co. Ltd. 

 Thailand Import - Export Company and Specialist for Worldwide Trading and Services 


Locations: Bangkok, Thailand (head quarters)  -  Holzminden, Germany (European contact address)

Multilingual: English, Thai, German 


Special Computer Desk and Table Sale in Bangkok, Thailand

Wholesale Products Industry Needs Promotional Services
Mulberry (SAA) Paper Products Food Additives Advertising Items General

(Soft Dolls / StuffedAnimals)

Flavors & Fragrances Display Cases  
Soft Dolls Product Line
Customized Energy Drink Aroma Chemicals Advertising System (Wordlight)  
Energy Drink Zone(R) Brand

Specialty Aroma Chemicals and Bases for PerfumeCompounding

 Promotional Caps and Hats  
Fashion Accessories

 Isocamphylcyclohexanol /


Computer Desks (Green Apple)  Thai - German Joint Venture Project about Flavours, Seasonings, Enhancers, MSG / HVP Replacers and Dressing Aroma-Mixes    

CD Racks Storage Systems (Techpoint)

Flowers of Thailand      
Handmade Handbags      
 Online Product Catalogs
Computer Desk and Table Artificial Flowers (Handmade)  Aroma Chemicals Product List Soft Toys in New Designs
Computer Desk Design 2004 Artificial Flower Design Handmade Handbags  Promotion Cap and Hat Design
Computer Desk Design 2004 Supply Program Artificial Flowers - Flowers of Thailand Brand    
Thai Style Product Collection
Stuffed Animals  Pillows and Cushions  Household Items  

"Thailand with its central location in South East Asia, a well established infra structure, stable political situation and  government's strong emphasis on international business and promotion of quality tourism has lots of still undiscovered treasures to offer. 

May it be in terms of  exotic culture, breath-taking landscapes and beaches or business ventures covering high quality products, manufacture alliances, services at a well balanced performance/cost ratio you will surely find it here. 

Those attributes paired with the European way of thinking and acting, as well as modern and sophisticated Supply Chain Management strategies result in an ideal base for co-operations without regret. We appreciate you taking the time to visit us and hope you are going to enjoy our page and find it beneficial. 

Please feel free to consult us any time as per your convenience and we will be pleased to familiarize you more according to  your specific requirements with Thailand and never sleeping Bangkok the capital city of  South East Asia's most exotic, innovative and skillful country. We do not  just stand for another Export Company in Thailand but rather an organization specializing in a broad range of services backed-up by a wealth of in-depth information, experience and the right contacts."     

Tramaico Co. Ltd.

Richard H. Hall

(Managing Director)  


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